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Sizing Chart

Sizing Chart


Size and Weight Chart
(each outfit will fit different depending on style. Use this as a guide only)

Weight in LBS.

Weight in KG.

0/3 mos

up to 12 lbs

up to 5.500 kgs

6/9 mos

12.5 to 16 lbs

5.5 to 7.250 kgs

9/12 mos

16 to 20 lbs

7.250 to 9.000 kg

18/24 mos

20.5 to 23.5 lbs

9.300 to 10.700 kg





               first communio apparel by Christian Expressions

We ship Girls Christening Gowns and Boys Baptism Suits & Rompers worldwide and to the following USA states:
Alabama-AL   Alaska-AK   Arizona-AZ   Arkansas-AR   California-CA   Colorado-CO   Connecticut-CT   Delaware-DE   Florida-FL   Georgia-GA   Hawaii-HI   Idaho-ID   Illinois-IL   Indiana-IN 
  Iowa-IA   Kansas-KS   Kentucky-KY   Louisiana-LA   Maine-ME   Maryland-MD   Massachusetts-MA   Michigan-MI   Minnesota-MN   Mississippi-MS   Missouri-MO   Montana-MT   Nebraska-NE  
Nevada-NV   New Hampshire-NH   New Jersey-NJ   New Mexico-NM   New York-NY   North Carolina-NC   North Dakota-ND   Ohio-OH   Oklahoma-OK   Oregon-OR   Pennsylvania-PA 
  Rhode Island-RI   South Carolina-SC   South Dakota-SD   Tennessee-TN   Texas-TX   Utah-UT   Vermont-VT   Virginia-VA   Washington-WA   West Virginia-WV   Wisconsin-WI   Wyoming-WY

 Worldwide to Australia, United Kingdom, Ireland, Scotland, Japan, England, Germany, APO Addresses

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