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Customer Testamonials

girls christening gowns - baby girl baptism dresses          Customer Testamonials

Tara arrived earlier today.  Absolutely lovely........and although I thought it looked beautiful online, the photos don't do it justice.I've been making christening gowns for over 30 years because no one could find unique, pretty, elegantly embellished gowns........and the choices available were bland.I can tell you right now that I will only be sewing for fun.........  You have so many offerings that there is no chance that someone wouldn't find exactly what they were seeking.  The workmanship was perfect, and I couldn't have asked for nor expected more.

Thanks again for all your efforts.  You really saved this christening (and my reputation :)  I had to explain why my gown wasn't finished, but I did it after they'd seen yours, so everyone is happy.





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